What makes Amphora the best water?

Not only is Amphora the most delicious water but it has a naturally alkaline pH and low -ORP water sourced from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado from Eldorado Springs. Our multi stage process will get you in the best health of your life. Your body is over 60-70% water! This is the single most important thing for you. Visit our "How It Works" section to learn more. 

Why isn't the bottle clear like most brands of water?

Clear plastic bottles leach chemicals and harmful toxins into the water. When exposed to sunlight clear bottles run the risk of growing bacteria immediately. If your water is exposed to sunlight for even minutes the ORP rises which means you do not get the majority of the health benefits. Carbonic acid which is what gives the water its life giving characteristics leaves the water as well as you can see these tiny bubbles on the side of the glass. Our bottle ensures you get all the health benefits Amphora Water provides.

 I found orange, brown or white pieces in my Concentrate Drops, is this normal?

Yes!  Our drops our 100% natural, so if the vials have sat for a bit, mineral dust may accumulate at the bottom of the vial.  At Amphora we only do natural everything, heck our founder even homemade his own deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and we think may be sewing his own clothing at night, we'll see!

Why is pH / alkaline important?

Simply put, the more acidic your body is, the unhealthier you are. Our bodies have various buffers that keep the body at optimal health. If your bodies pH is too low (acidic) you age faster, can become diabetic, develop high blood pressure, gain weight, lose your energy, depression, bad memory, break bones, can possibly develop many types of cancer and a never-ending list of bad medical conditions. This is the main reason why in many countries around the world the percentage of people who develop diseases and cancer has increased exponentially due to eating and drinking in a very unbalanced way.

When your body is slightly alkaline everything functions better. Your heart, your brain, your lungs and every part of your body run more efficiently and you dramatically slow your physical and mental aging process. The benefits are endless. 


What is ORP?

ORP Stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. This is a very difficult concept to explain and gets very scientific. Simply put, the lower (-) the ORP, the better the water it is for you. If the ORP is high (+), your body drains itself of energy and life. High ORP water literally steals vital energy and life from you which essentially is slowly killing you. Low/Negative(-) ORP Water gives your body additional life and energy. Amphora is Low/Negative ORP Water.


How much Amphora should I drink daily?

Depending on your level of activity we would recommend drinking a bottle of Amphora daily. If you want to "clean your body" even faster, drink even more. 

A simple rule to follow is to "drink when you are thirsty". 


Where is Amphora made?

 Amphora is sourced from the beautiful pure Rocky Mountains in Colorado from the beautiful Eldorado Springs and bottled in Louisville, Colorado in the United States. Amphora is bottled by hand giving each bottle the love and attention it needs.


How long do you take to ship?

Typically orders ship within 2 business days with an up to 3 day processing time. We hand bottle every order! 


 Any other questions or comments? We want to hear from you. Contact Us now.